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Looking to get Immediate Traffic To Your Site?

Google AdWords allow you to be seen immediately in the ads section of Google-usually located at the very top of the Google Search. Our Google Ad Experts can help you by setting up, and managing, your ads properly to ensure that you are targeting the correct audience and getting the maximum out of your ad spend budget. We make online advertising for your business effective and simple.

What are the Pros and Cons of Google Advertisements?

Google Adwords  are also known as “Pay Per Click”, or PPC Advertisements. In other words, Google charges you every time someone clicks on your link to that advertisement-whether that customer converts or not.

Pros to Google Adwords:

  • Take up more space on the first page of Google.
  • Targeted traffic to put you in front of  clients actively searching for your services first- instead of your competition. 
  • High conversion rate when done correctly. 
  • Excellent in conjunction with, or prior to, SEO this way you are gaining that targeted traffic while waiting for your website to rank organically in the search engines. 

Cons to Google Adwords:

  • When your budget ends, so do your ads. Only active when you are paying.
  • Google charges you every time someone clicks on your link-whether they convert or not.
  • Un-friendly competition may click on links just to run up your bill
  • Expensive and ineffective if done incorrectly. If your ads aren’t set up correctly, your ads may show up in irrelevant places or by people who are not even looking for your product/services in the first place.
  • Some customers may have ad blockers activated and never even see your advertisement when searching for your product/services.
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Let us take the guess work out of running or launching your Google Advertisements. Our Strategists will do all of the research necessary for your personal business, in your industry and target area, to ensure you have a prosperous experience with running Google Adwords to increase targeted traffic to your business.

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